Friday, April 23, 2010

"Anything is possible when a criminal defendant makes himself the government’s darling in an effort to obtain a reduced prison sentence."

That was Paul Calli in this morning's DBR discussing Scott Rothstein and his upcoming (but delayed) sentencing. More from Paul:

Calli warned prosecuting a case built on the word of master criminals like Rothstein is especially unreliable. “You take a guy who is nothing but a con man and you rely on him to accuse others. He has a built-in incentive to lie,” he said.

Jeff Weiner represents someone that Rothstein has cooperated against:

He said it was “sad and pathetic” that the federal government would turn to the state’s top scam artist to entrap his client. He contends the government is delaying Rothstein’s sentencing in hopes of reforming his reputation for the witness stand. The postponement “is only to keep from being sentenced so the government can bolster his credibility, which he has none, against the many people he has cooperated against,” Weiner said.

I wonder if Jeff will be able to get Rothstein to pass out on the stand...

Sentencing is currently scheduled for June for Rothstein before Judge Cohn. My best guess is that he gets somewhere between 20 and 25 years. What do you all think?


Anonymous said...

Bet it is more. I am setting the over/under at 32 years.

Bob Becerra said...

I think it might even be less than 20 years if he can give up politicians, police hierarchy other big wigs.

Fake Fred Moreno said...

Meeester Markus! The more I think about eeeet, the more I belieeeve that Almendarez-Torres was wrongfully decided.

What say you?