Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy 50th...

... to SG Elena Kagan (soon to be Justice Kagan?). If you haven't been over to ScotusBlog recently, you should check it out. They have been doing incredible in-depth reports on the short-listers for Justice Stevens' seat. Here's one example -- an interesting post about how Stevens won a coin-flip to get his clerkship:

Art Seder and John Stevens, meanwhile, were both interested in the alleged Rutledge clerkship possibility. Dean Green and his colleagues gave the young men the impression that Northwestern could not or would not recommend one of them over the other. Seder and Stevens thus were told to decide between themselves, by flipping a coin, which of them would be the school’s nominee to Justice Rutledge. They did so, just the two of them, in private, at the law school and without particular drama. Stevens won the flip. And his friend Seder abided by that result—he did not ask, for instance, to change the contest to the best two out of three flips.

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