Monday, April 26, 2010

“These two judges are fed up with the government’s efforts to clean up the Everglades.”

Nothing like a good Guy Lewis quote on Monday Morning. He's talking about Judges Moreno and Gold. He continues: “You’ve got two of the finest judges in the district, and both are as patient as Job, and they have come to the conclusion that enough is enough.”

The DBR article covering the Everglades cleanup is here. Some more:

Lewis said Gold and Moreno have drawn a line in the sand after giving government agencies the benefit of the doubt for years. “They want to believe their orders are going to be complied with and the government in good faith is going to clean up our backyard, and it’s not happening,” Lewis said. “It’s a shame it’s gotten to the point the tribe and others have to go in and say, ‘Please, judge, force government to live up to its lawful obligation.’ It’s extraordinary.” Everglades restoration has been slow going, but a $7.8 billion restoration plan signed by President George W. Bush and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in 2003 shows limited success. “Rule No. 1 in politics is the big dogs eat first,” Guest said. “There is a lot of talk and not much walk. … Everglades restoration entered into a Dark Ages under the Bush administration. The projects didn’t get funded even though they were spending money on all sort of things. They built up this giant budget deficit, and it didn’t go to Everglades restoration, and it could have.”


Lehtinen said Everglades water quality has been somewhat improved thanks to a judiciary that wants to see the cleanup project through. “If you beat them about the head and shoulders enough with court orders, you do see some progress,” he said. “These judges are critical.”

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