Friday, April 09, 2010

Down goes ...

... the DEA agent.

Jeff Weiner's cross must have been pretty good in the Kobie Gary (Willie's son) case. Here's the press coverage of what happened:

After a day and a half in federal court, convicted pot grower Kobie O. Gary will have to wait another week to learn his fate after the lead DEA agent in the case fainted Thursday on the witness stand, prompting the judge to clear the packed courtroom.
U.S. District Judge K. Michael Moore rescheduled Gary’s sentencing for April 16.
The abrupt cancellation came just before 2 p.m., as DEA Special Agent Darren Singleton, who’d been under intense questioning by Miami attorney Jeffrey Weiner, was about to reply when his head fell forward, hitting the stand in front of him.
Court officials scrambled to his aid.


After a lunch break, Weiner was grilling Singleton about those phone calls and inconsistent statements Gibson appeared to make, compared to what he’d told authorities in two prior statements detailing his involvement.
Moments before Singleton fainted, Weiner had been accusing Gibson of lying to authorities, and had suggested Singleton knew Gibson was lying on Thursday.
As he left court with his extended family, Willie Gary expressed concern for the agent.
“I just hope he’s okay,” he said.

Reports are coming back that the agent is okay and feeling better. That's a better result than the Scopes Monkey Trial, where William Jennings Bryan died shortly after testifying for the prosecution and after the withering cross examination by Clarence Darrow.


Anonymous said...

I wonder who would play Jeff in the movie version?

Anonymous said...


Stevens just retired.

Anonymous said...

If defendant Gary and his daddy think the agent fainting is to their favor, me thinks defendant Gary will have a new Daddy named Judge Moore come April 6... The experienced defence attorney knows how Judge Moore operates ... Oh! That's right, he's a defense attorney trying to make a living ... Judge Moore lets you talk & talk & talk and then says, "Anything else?" before Moore Time is delivered.