Friday, April 16, 2010

Kobie Gary gets 30 months

I'm not sure whether this was a guideline sentence or not as none of the articles explain. Here's the most in depth piece. Willie Gary had this to say about his son after the sentencing:

"I want to thank God for giving me my son alive because based on the guys he was hanging with and the things they were doing, rather than be in a courtyard I could be in the graveyard.”

Update-- from what I'm hearing, this was a win for the defense as the government was seeking a leadership enhancement which would have resulted in a much higher sentence of at least 5 years. Can anyone confirm?


Jason M. Wandner said...

David, I can confirm that the government was until today seeking a 60 month minimum mandatory sentence for Kobie Gary and opposed his attempts to obtain a safety valve sentence based on its belief that he was a leader of the conspiracy and possessed a gun in furtherance of it. After the dramatic events of last week, where the defense confronted the prosecutor and DEA agent with proof that the cooperating co-Defendants lied to them and the Court, the government ultimately did the right thing today and agreed to a safety valve sentence of 30 months for Kobie, which the Court imposed.

Anonymous said...


this was plea

stop pandering


Anonymous said...

have you ever posted anything about he government winning or getting a good result in a case?

Anonymous said...

Why would that be posted? Doing so would be like congratulating an apple for falling out of a tree. Big f'ing deal.

Okay, but in the spirit of cooperation, here we go:

"today the government had a stunning victory in a drug courier case...

the defendant, a poor, abused mother of 5, was arrested after a confidential informant tipped the government off that she would be entering the united states with one kilogram of cocaine, which had been forced up her rectum...

Of course, the government was not required to disclose that the informant was the woman's supplier, and pimp (see Rovario) or, that it knew the woman was beaten and raped by the informant in the past (the AUSA bravely convinced himself after an intensive examination of the information with the case agent that such information is not Brady, and because the informant would not be testifying (see Rovario) it was not Giglio either). But, who cares, a conviction is a conviction.

Now, this dastardly wrongdoer, this blight on society, this wart on the ass of humanity, has been sentenced to 7 years in prison before she is deported to her home country.

The AUSA who won this trying and most enigmatic case has been promoted to economic crimes...based upon his "great understanding and appreciation for the complexities of federal criminal discovery practice."

Congratulations guys...your doing a heck of a job!

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