Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Rubio backs Markenzie Lapointe for U.S. Attorney

The Herald article is titled: "Rubio backs Haitian-American lawyer for Miami U.S. Attorney.  But candidate field is growing."  The intro:

Although the Republican Party lost the presidency and the power to pick U.S. attorneys, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio still can wield considerable influence over the selection of the next top federal prosecutor in South Florida.

In a key move, sources close to Rubio say, the senator has privately signaled support for a Haitian-American lawyer considered the Biden administration’s front-runner — Markenzy Lapointe, a Black Miami lawyer and Marine veteran who once worked in the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

But Lapointe isn’t the only candidate to emerge. There are at least four others interested in the job — all also qualified and with a history of practicing law in both the public and private sectors. Among them are former South Florida federal prosecutors Jacqueline Arango, Andres Rivero and David Buckner, along with Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg. 
Readers of the blog knew of this slate when it was posted here on the blog first back on December 11, 2020.


Anonymous said...

Rubio's endorsement will only hurt Lapointe. Rubio destroyed several S/FL judicial nominees. The Biden administration can appoint whoever they want. I think Lapointe is excellent so I was disappointed for Rubio to publicly endorse him. I think all of the candidates you listed are excellent. Don't count out Aronberg who has major Dem mojo.

Anonymous said...

Did Rubio destroy judicial nominees by publicly endorsing them? Your post makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

David, do you have any intel on other appointments in Florida (US attorneys or judges)?

Anonymous said...

Im sorry, I wrote too fast so please let me clarify my comments. IMHO, the Herald article is silly because Rubio may pretend he has power but it does not matter who he endorses. In fact, IMHO it hurts the candidate of who he endorses. Rubio destroyed several Obama/Biden judicial nominations because they could not get confirmed by the Senate. The GOP does not control the Senate anymore. Rubio has not even publicly stated that Biden won a free and fair election and the Herald writes he holds power over the selection of the US Attorney? Not correct at all. That's a pipe dream. Long story short, does anyone really believe Rubio is going to tell the Biden administration who they can appoint? No. Because of his endorsement, Lapointe stock went down a few points. Seriously, who would listen to Rubio for what he did to Obama/Biden nominees let alone not admitting Biden won a free and fair election.