Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Jose Baez on this week's episode of For the Defense



This week, we have Jose Baez on the show to discuss the Casey Anthony case. Jose Baez has become known as one of the go-to trial lawyers, and it was the Casey Anthony case that thrust him onto the national stage. In this clip (posted on Twitter), Jose discusses the first time he started to suspect George Anthony of abusing his daughter, Casey Anthony.  

Last week, Season 2 of For the Defense got off to a great start with Alan Dershowitz, who discussed the O.J. Simpson trial as well as lots of other interesting topics.  (Here's a clip of Dersh answering whether the prosecution lost the trial or whether the defense won it.) 

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Michele D said...

Hi David,
I just listened to this episode. Jose Baez has an engaging personality but you asked really good questions that kept the conversation flowing. I don't have a background in law but I find the judicial process interesting and I enjoyed the behind the scenes information. I plan on listening to all of the episodes.

Book recommendation for anyone interested in this case:
Keith Ablow MD wrote a book about Casey Anthony where he discusses how sexual abuse victims learn to bury their feelings and create alternate realities. Nothing justifies what happened to her daughter but if she was abused it helps the reader try to understand the psychology behind her bizarre behavior.