Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Mark Lapointe front runner for U.S. Attorney in SDFLA

 Jay Weaver covers the story here:

With sweeping turnover in the U.S. justice system under way in the new Biden administration, a Black lawyer has emerged as the leading candidate for the high-profile job of U.S. Attorney in Miami.

If President Joe Biden nominates Markenzy Lapointe, 53, for the influential post, it would be an historic choice in one of the most dynamic federal prosecutor’s offices in the nation.

Not only would his nomination be a first in the Southern District of Florida, but it would also signal Biden’s nod to the Black vote that helped him defeat Donald Trump in November’s presidential election. Lapointe is the only candidate to be interviewed by the White House counsel so far for the U.S. Attorney’s job, reflecting the strength of his prospects.


Anonymous said...

I do not know Mr. LaPointe and am sure he is a fine lawyer. But the Weaver analysis is a perfect example of what passes for serious thought among the MSM. Let's see. Putting aside the fact that Biden underperformed both Hillary and Obama among black voters, especially in Florida, the point is rather silly. So Biden is sitting in his office wondering how he can pay back those black voters in Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Atlanta who put him over the top? Gadzooks he says. I got it! I will appoint a black US Attorney in Miami! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

8:59 that's one of the most ignorant comments that's been posted here.

Anonymous said...

HT Smith for US Attorney.

Tony Moss said...

I nominate Judge Bill Thomas.

Anonymous said...


Serayfl said...

I can see why you're anon. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Mr. or Ms. "Serayfl" whoever that is:

Why is 859 an idiot?

I think 859 is suggesting how absurd racial spoils are. Or at least the speculation in the article, with no evidence presented of course, that race has anything to do with this candidate being the frontrunner.

Is 859 an idiot because you believe race is the reason (or one) the gentlemen is apparently the frontrunner? What exactly do you base that on?

Anytime a black man is picked for a job by a Democrat its totally cool to just muddy up the achievement by suggesting it was a "nod to the black vote"? Isnt it possible the candidate is simply the best qualified?

Rumpole said...

Boy, HT would be a shocking, surprising, and one of the absolute best choices the President can make. (I do not know the current candidate). Ditto Wil Thomas. Both would bring a level of thinking outside the box that would be refreshing. Both would never accept the reasoning of doing something "because that is the way we always do it."
Judges Soto or Sayfie or De la O would be good choices as well. But if we are just riffing here- you know what would be an amazing choice that would be a spectacular pick?

The Honorable

Anonymous said...

Mark Lapointe is a great bet to be an excellent USA. He is sharp, dedicated and has good judgment. He has my vote.