Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Prof. Ron Sullivan for Aaron Hernandez

Welcome to Episode 3 of For the Defense, Season 2. 

This week, we have Harvard Law Professor Ron Sullivan (pictured below, left) to discuss the Aaron Hernandez trial (available on Apple and all other platforms). Sullivan tried the case with Jose Baez (last week's guest, who discussed the Casey Anthony case -- available on Apple here and other platforms here).  Hernandez already had been convicted of murder, and this was his second murder trial where no one gave him a shot.  Enter Sullivan and Baez...

Here's a short clip (via Twitter) of Prof. Sullivan discussing the prosecutor's attempt to use Hernandez's tattoos in closing argument:

In other news, we are going to have a new U.S. Attorney very soon.  According to this CNN article, President Biden will be asking all Trump hold-overs to resign, including in the SDFLA. According to the article, there are a few exceptions -- including Michael Sherwin in D.C. who is doing a great job handling the insurrection cases.  


Anonymous said...

Sherwin trying to erase the Trump taint.

Anonymous said...

actually sherwin's moving to doj, not staying as USA