Monday, August 17, 2009

The last week of good traffic

Gridlock starts next week with the start of school...

Looks like the storms are gonna miss us. Rumpole has been updating us all weekend on the positions of the storms. A tip for the future: keep an eye on the Herbert boxes.

The blawgosphere is aflutter over the possibility of free PACER. (Thanks to MDO for the tip, but Miguel, shouldn't you be studying for the fantasy football draft?) I'm all for free access to the courts, but I've heard grumbling among lawyers that electronic filing has led to their pleadings being stolen and that making PACER free will lead to even more stealing. Isn't that the greatest form of flattery? SFLawyers makes passing reference to lawyers looking at Iqbal motions to dismiss. Is it me, or is SFL oddly obsessed with Iqbal. Yes, we had a Paris obsession here a couple weeks back, and that was strange, but this Iqbal craze is, well, strange.

Rick Bascuas blogs about the en banc 11th Circuit looking into sentencing practices after giving discretion back to district judges. Apparently, the government isn't happy about below guideline sentences. Shock.

Anyone trying any cases this week?


South Florida Lawyers said...

Fair enough, but I have some other obsessions too.

Besides, don't you just like writing the word "Iqbal"?

(It's no Venetian Salami, but it's close.)

Agreed -- crank up the fantasy football!

Anonymous said...

David - will you be scouting potential first round fantasy football pick Maurice Jones-Drew at tonight's game?

Miguel M. de la O said...

Dear Markus with an O:

No studying necessary, grasshopper. Your lessons will be free.

I see South Florida Lawyer has time to post about Fantasy Football, but has no time to actually join our league.
SFLawyer, I realize it is hard for you to pass up the opportunity to write both "Iqbal" and "Venetian Salami" in one comment (if you'd managed to include Caroline Products footnote number 4 you'd have conjured up the legal equivalent of Beetlejuice).

Get with the program and join the League. There is one spot left, it is yours or Rumpole's -- first come, first serve.

Rumpole said...

1- I'm in trial. Stop by and check it out.
2- I am pretty certain Andrew didn't pass through the Herbert Boxes.

Anonymous said...

How do electronically filed pleadings get stolen?