Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quick Poll

I had a lengthy debate with some friends today about whether Plaxico Burress' sentence was the right result or not. (If you aren't familiar with the case, here's some background).

Settle a score for us and vote:

How do you feel about Plaxico Burress' two year sentence?
Just right
Too short
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Anonymous said...

Its nice to see there are still a few states that are unlike Florida in which the legislators dont bend over and take it up the ass from the NRA and actually pass strict and sensible laws against possessing firearms.

South Ocean said...

Two words -- Donte Stallworth.

Two years for shooting yourself, versus 30 days in jail for DUI man 2?

Something's not right somewhere!

Rumpole said...

Too short. Guns kill tens of thousands of people. He knew he was wrong. I have clients facing three and ten year min mans (and in florida since the gun was discharged he would be facing a 20 yr min man, or perhaps life since someone was shot).

I have no sympathy for him.

And before people go nuts- Yes, I am not sure he would be facing the 10-20-life statute- because I am not sure it applies to CCF and other than culpable negligence, which is a misdemeanor, I am not sure of what Plex would be charged with in Florida.

Anonymous said...

My knowledge of the case is admittedly less than complete. However, I my understanding is as follows:

Did he hurt another? NO. Did he intend to hurt another? NO. Did he have any prior felony convictions? NO.

The guy shot himself. Isn't that penalty enough? LOL. Seriously though, two years in the can seems excessive.

David Oscar Markus said...

Aren’t we overstating things a bit, Rumpy? The only thing he’s guilty of is not having a icense. If he spent the hour it takes to get a license, then none if this would matter – even if he had accidentally shot someone else instead of himself. In other words, possession of the gun wasn’t
illegal but possession without a license was illegal. If you failed to renew your driver’s
license and then illegally drove your car to a nightclub, got into an accident and broke your leg, should you get 2 years in jail?

Anonymous said...

I think carrying a gun necessarily means you have the intent to hurt another. Perhaps by necessity or in self defense, you still have that intent.

Do you want your kids partying in a club where a guy has a gun and could start shooting (even in self-defense) and possibly harm some innocent? The laws are there as preventative measures and are serious.

Fake Serpico said...

He is lucky I didn't run into him.

Real Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Markus they dont hand out ccf licenses to anyone and everyone like they do in this state run by retarded inbred rednecks. it is illegal to possess a firearm in new york and only a small select few people are able to get ccf licenses and they have to show a special reason as to why they need guns. this is not like failing to renew a dl becuase in NY not any idiot can carry a gun