Thursday, August 13, 2009

News & Notes

1. Prosecutors in Georgia are in hot water about their handling of a prosecution against a criminal defense lawyer. Friends of the blog Tom Withers & Craig Gillen represent the defense lawyer. They were part of the defense team that tried the Savannah case with me a couple years back. Good peeps.

2. Richard Simring's sentencing was postponed. Sad: "Richard B. Simring, a lawyer, was the chief legal officer of Okun Holdings, was also to be sentenced this morning after pleading guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and money laundering.
However, Payne said he wanted a mental health evaluation conducted of Simring, who has a history of depression and was said to have been under a great deal of family stress at the times the crimes were committed.
A new sentencing date for Simring has not yet been set. Payne said the five years called for under the plea agreement may be appropriate, but said he wanted more information about Simring’s emotional condition."

3. On Agusut 24, 2009, the Third District Court of Appeal will be holding an en banc hearing at Judge Moreno’s courtroom. The building's namesake -- Judge Wilkie Ferguson -- is a former 3rd DCA Judge. From what I understand, the case deals with PIP... UPDATE -- the argument has been cancelled.

4. Supervised release numbers are way up -- from 51,000 on supervision in 1997 to almost 100,000 now.


Jason said...

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Anonymous said...

Interesting site you got there jason. Before we permit you to link with this site, you must debate whether or not us attys suck more than dick cheney or less than dick cheney.

fake fred moreno said...

Meeeeester Markus!!!!
Stood up by the 3rd DCA?
We shall see.

The Grand Inquisitor said...

Definitely less than Dick Cheney. US Attys only use information gained by torture...Dick Cheney actually is the arranged for the torture.

scared said...

THE END IS NEAR!! REPENT. Rumpole has all the details!!!!