Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Richard Simring's co-defendant sentenced to 100 years

That's 50 years less than Mr. Madoff, but still -- that's quite a whopper of a sentence for Edward Okun. (The feds were asking for a 400 year sentence!) Here's the DOJ press release for background. (As an aside, anyone know the largest sentences handed out in this district?)

Okun's co-defendant Richard Simring, who was a rising star here in Miami before this case, is scheduled to be sentenced this Thursday. Simring will get much less -- he pled to one count with a five year maximum and has been cooperating. His role was extremely limited, so hopefully he can avoid jail time.

Interesting papers in the case. Here is Okun's sentencing memo, written by the FPD's office and Barry Pollack -- one of the finest white collar lawyers in the country. And here is the government's memo, in which it asks for 400 years.


No Roy Black said...

I had a client sentenced to 125 years. But I think there was a newspaper article recently that detailed some whopper sentences handed about by Judge Middlebrooks.

Local Attorney said...

They deserve the time.. they're not little peeons.. they were playing with the entire economy.

Anonymous said...

I met by chance Richard Simring 2 montsh ago while his son, a wonderful and kind 6-year old boy, was in Summer camp with my son. I was moved and sad to hear that this man had recently lost his wife and even sadder when I discovered that he has also a one-year old baby girl. I had no CLUE at all about who Richard Simring was, and that he was in procedure with the Justice.
He came across as a very attentionnate father and of course a man sad that he had lost his wife. I am sure that he is this person. He also seemed to be under a lot of stress because he was not having a complete normal behavior, and seemed very VERY hyper and stressed. SInce I did not know him at all, I just simply googled him to find out what anybody else will find out. YET, if you take the time to read and search in details, when you start to realize the stress he went through the past years with a drug -addicted wife, a drug addicted wife who was pregnant, a young boy who must suffer the daily stress of an alcoholic mother, who in the end commited suicide.
How much more stressful can the life of Richard SImring have been while he just changed job and join Okun's firm. Think about it.
Your wife is very sick. Your wife is alcoholic to the point that she is a danger to your boy and baby to be born. Your wife make several tentiatives to commit suicide. How more stresful and emotional can your life be?Richard Simring changed job to protect his kids, to help his wife, to make sure their lives were NOT in danger, at risk.
I can easily see this man not being highly involved in his work during such a stresful and emotional period. I can understand that this man did not really fully understand what he was involved in.

I just really think that he is not guilty given his emotional circumstances at the time of his dealings with Okun. I also think taht his son and daughter DESERVE their dad to be with them, to raise them, to take care of them. The baby girl must be 14 month old, and her mom passed away 6 months ago. His boy is 6 -year old. Both children BADLY need their dad.
I really hope and pray that the justice will be fair and take ALL elements into accounts to save this family.

Anonymous said...

This is so true! I met Richard and he is not guilty. He was a great professional who helped many in his city. It is sad to see how much he tried to keep his family intact. Many just love to "Witch Hunt". See Madoff's son and understand that this conmen DO make all in their entourage fall to their schemes and delinquency.

Richard appeared as a caring loving father. He lost everything. As much a Okuns victims he became a victim of Okun's scams. He is a victim.

I know he is a good man.

freddie said...

Good men do not end up in prison for fraud - he was a greedy man who has a bunch of people making excuses for his behaviour