Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Health Care on Trial

Coming up Thursday. . . Is Florida’s government failing children on Medicaid? Judge Adalberto Jordan is hearing arguments tomorrow on whether a longstanding class action seeking better treatment for Medicaid children can proceed to trial. In June, Magistrate Judge Chris McAliley certified the class over the state’s objections. From the Report and Recommendation:
The Individual Plaintiffs, who live in diverse geographic areas within the state, offer a broad spectrum of experiences that collectively illustrate the alleged failures of Florida’s Medicaid system. . . .In the opinion of this Court, the prosecution of this case will benefit from the range of personal experiences.
Lawyers from Boies Schiller & Flexner will argue, pro bono, on behalf of the class. The Florida AG’s office and law firm Kenny Nachwalter represent the Florida agencies.

While we’re on the hot-button subject of government-run health care, Jay Weaver has this story about Medicare's proposed cap on payments to home health care agencies in Miami-Dade, which seem to be filing hundreds of millions of dollars in bogus bills for diabetic services.

Still want a public health care option?


David Oscar Markus said...

Great post Vanessa!

Vanessa's Fan Club said...

Vanessa's sexy
Vanessa's cool

we want to see Vanessa by the pool!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm warning you guys...cut out the sexist rantings here.

Word on the street is that a certain former US Atty is getting schooled by Stuart Singer.

Fake Larry Flynt said...

Here Here as to the sexist rantings having no place in intellectual discourse!

Anonymous said...

David- can someone explain to me why the courtrooms in the new Federal Court building have no names on the front to indicate which Judge is in a particular courtroom? Did they run out of money? Only Moreno has his and that's a holdover from his original one as a County Court Judge in the Justice Building.

Meanwhile, every floor looks the same, every entrance to the courtroom looks the same and it's like Lets Make a deal: do you choose the judge behind door number one or door number two or door number three or door number four?

Please use your considerable influence and get this remedied ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Stuart Singer is a bad mofo. I read his bio on the firm website and not only did he win the Sears Prize at Harvard Law (which only 2 people out of a class of 500 receive), but he was also President of the Law Review and clerked for Justice Byron White! It's no wonder that Jimenez is getting schooled . . .

Anonymous said...

I guess we shall see what the judge does. In the meantime j is getting paid...I'm sure j don't mind the free lesson he is getting paid for.

jane moscowitz said...

Yes, I still want a public option!!!!