Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SDFLA Fantasy Football League?

Miguel de la O wants to start a fantasy football league for the Southern District of Florida. Winner gets bragging rights. If there is enough interest, the league will start. Email Miguel at if you are interested. Spots are reserved for Rumpole and SFLawyers if they are interested.


Anonymous said...

CJA appointments must be real slow!

Anonymous said...

How about a real football league? Defense bar against Prosecutors --

I swear I would love to be a free safety in that game.

F-U Fake Kaka, there is only one true football, and it ain't yours.

Anonymous said...

Real men don't use their hands to play with balls.

South Florida Lawyers said...

I'm in.

See, it's that take-charge, can-do attitude that will make Miguel a great judge.

Anonymous said...

I will only play if Ursula is on my team. She strikes me as the kind of strict disciplinarian that brings out the best in men.

NB: What is this "fantasy football" of which you speak?

Rumpole said...

DOG- You see how I pick games?? You don't want any part of this boy in your league. Trust me.