Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guest Blogger Here

David is in trial before Judge Jordan and is unable to cover the District Court interviews tomorrow. I will be guest blogging for David. Unfortunately, I will have to miss several of the morning interviews and am hoping somebody else will provide information on the ones I cannot attend.

Here is the list of the interviewees and their timeslots:
  1. Robin S. Rosenbaum 9:00
  2. Barry S. Seltzer 9:30
  3. Judith M. Korchin 10:00
  4. Caroline Heck Miller 10:30
  5. Jerald Bagley 11:00
  6. Patrick A. White 11:30
  7. Robert W. Lee 12:30
  8. Mary Barzee Flores 1:00
  9. Darrin P. Gayles 1:30
  10. Patricia E. Lowry 2:00
  11. Kathleen M. Williams 2:30
  12. Peter R. Lopez 3:00
  13. Robert N. Scola, Jr. 3:30
  14. Gerald B. Cope, Jr. 4:00
  15. Ana Maria Martinez 4:30

I cannot help but wonder whether to not a 25-minute interview, even with the huge written application involved, is sufficient to determine which of these 15 individuals should get the job. It will be interesting to hear the committee’s questions and the remarks by the applicants.


Anonymous said...

Great. Spawn of David.

Popeye Doyle said...

It is enough time to know if they should not get the job.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone follow David on Twitter?

Anonymous said...

@9:06, The Great David follows 32 people and has 78 followers.

South Florida Lawyers said...

Yeah!! Guest Blogger!!