Sunday, July 26, 2009

Poll numbers

A week of voting has produced the following unscientific numbers:

Who should be our next U.S. Attorney?
405 votes total
David Buckner 56% 227 votes
Willy Ferrer 24% 99 votes
Daryl Trawick 20% 79 votes

Who should be our next judge?
262 votes total
Jerald Bagley 24% 64 votes
Bob Scola 29% 77 votes
Kathy Williams 46% 121 votes

Why were there so many more votes for U.S. Attorney. Do you think the results would be different if I asked who the Senators will actually pick?


Anonymous said...

Buckner was trailing badly (running at 4%) when polling began, but pulled ahead with a flurry of late voting. I wonder if his campaign used the same ballot stuffers as Ahmadinejad.....

Anonymous said...

Buckner was trailing only "when the polls began" and led the rest of the way....the results were hardly a "flurry of late voting."