Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Quick Hits

Sorry about the slow blogging this week. It's summer and I'm swamped... What up with that?

Okay, to the news:

1. General Noriega has filed a cert petition.
2. Paris Hilton starts trial tomorrow in front of Judge Moreno. Steven Binhak and Michael Weinstein represent her.
3. UBS trial next week.
4. Federal JNC interviews for judge and U.S. atty coming up.
5. Palm Beach is moving firearms cases to federal court. (The State Attorney there says it's because the min-mans in federal court are higher than in state court. But there is no min-man for being a felon in possession of a firearm in the federal system.)
6. More on SexyLexus and White & Case.
7. There's lots of mortgage fraud.
8. Boeis tops Wells.
9. AUSA Scott Ray is leaving the office. Going away party next Thurday at Tobacco Road. Good luck to Scott.
10. The Marshals are busy.




Forgotten "quick hit":

Sotomayor hearings begin Monday!

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

As to point 5, there is a mandatory minimum if the proposed defendant qualifies under 18 USC s924(e) and there's a 5-year consecutive under 18 USC s924(c) if the firearm is possessed in furtherance of a drug trafficking offense or crime of violence.

Anonymous said...

David, the slow blogging is understandable. It's quite busy these days.

Anonymous said...

All of this intermingling of federal and state court is going to lower attorneys' fees in federal court and bring those fees down to the state level.

Anonymous said...

How many prep sessions would you have with Paris?

"Paris, I know you are probably not going to testify too long, and I know this is our 20th consecutive prep session, but we really need to work on this thing."

"No Paris, that is not a gun in my pocket...yes, I am happy to see you."

"No Paris, you can't wear that to court, now is fine."

"Yes Paris...there will be men on the jury, but there will also be some wives."

"No Paris, the Judge is a good guy."

Anonymous said...

"No Paris, that is the definition of a good girl."

Anonymous said...

Yes paris, you can be a bad girl now...or, good, or....never mind.



From the "you mean they're going to make it a rule now" category:

Amending the rules of criminal procedure to require prosecutors to disclose any exculpatory information to the defense will be considered during the October meeting of the Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on the Rules of Criminal Procedure, the committee chairman said in a letter to a federal judge in Washington published this week.

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...

Such a rule sounds redundant to me, unless its written more expansively than what is presently required under Brady. Otherwise, why would the Rule Committee waste their time on something like this?