Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Interviews (and times) made public

After the list has been floating around the past couple of days, the JNC finally posted it here. You can see the times of the public interviews. I wonder if anyone will show up.

Some interesting notes:

  • The order of the interviews is random. (Which is the best slot? Robin Rosenbaum is first up and Ana Martinez is last. Robert Lee is first up after a short 30 minute lunch. For USA, Mark Schnapp is first up and James Swaim is last.)
  • The interviews last 25 minutes.
  • Each applicant gets an opening (3 minutes) and closing statement (2 minutes). (Those should be interesting...)
  • The JNC recommends that applicants show up 30 minutes ahead of time. (Can you imagine an applicant being late?)
  • "The Rule" has been invoked. "No applicant will be allowed to attend the interview of another applicant or to discuss an interview with a member of the public who has attended other interviews." (So can I live blog?)
  • AUSA Marcus Christian got an interview for the U.S. Attorney slot in the Middle District of Florida. And B.J. Throne got one in the Northern District...


Anonymous said...

Where are the interviews being held?

Rumpole said...

I'll do the live blogging for you DOM.

Anonymous said...

If there is live blogging should "the Rule" be amended to state that applicants should not access media coverage of the interviews?

Anonymous said...

Which room are the interviews taking place in, and what is the capacity for observers?