Tuesday, July 28, 2009

News and Notes

1. Another UBS defendants bites the dust. (Via AP)

2. Feds drop all charges against lawyer Carlos Loumiet (Via DBR)

3. Sotomayor is a step closer. (Via Herald)

4. Female Herald reporter accused of sexual harassment. (Via Washington Post)


Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem like sexual harassment to me, possibly insulting behavior, but fuck 'em.

Anonymous said...

i love the hypocrisy when a scab reporter from a low rent cut and paste newspaper is investigated for misconduct..."Herald Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal said Friday that "obviously we're trying to sort this out. We're not going to talk about a personnel matter like this until we figure out what it's all about." Rosenberg, who declined to comment Friday." disgusting. tehy'd sticka microphine under tehir own mothers nose for a story, but scurry like roaches when the light shines on them. don't block this comment markus just because you suck up to the media

Rumpole said...

Nobody can read the DBR links because it requires a subscription to read them on line, and who subscribes to that rag?

Anonymous said...

I think the "Female Herald reporter accused of sexual harassment" link is broken.