Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scandal at White & Case Miami

AboveTheLaw has all the sordid details (including an interview with the woman, dubbed SexyLexus) about an extramarital affair involving a White & Case associate.

On a separate note, here's my sentencing question of the day: Assuming he did it, should the cat-killer get more or less time than Donte Stallworth (driving drunk resulting in death)? (Yes Rumpole, these are both state cases.... Sorry!)


Anonymous said...

The better question is whether the 18 year-old, white male will get more or less punishment than Michael Vick. This seems worse since, aside from the pain and suffering of the animals in both cases, Michael Vick wasn't also causing pain and suffering on the part of the unsuspecting human pet owners. In other words, there were innocent human victims here who suffered, and continue to suffer, greatly.

Anonymous said...

What about Donte Stallworth? 30 days for taking a human life. Incredible. Just another example of the rich buying "justice."

Anonymous said...

Actually, since there were no witnesses and it appears the victim was not in the crosswalk, there is a view that Stallworth's fame got him the 30 days whereas a similarly-situated no-name would have gotten no jail time.