Friday, June 12, 2009

Slow blogging

Sorry! We'll hit you back on Monday.

--David Oscar Markus


Rumpole said...
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Rumpole said...

See my comment in the last post. And add this:

Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

Try some coffee and Tylenol David and avoid those apple-tinis in the future on an empty stomach, eh?

Anonymous said...

This is not a blog. It is David O's not-even-shameless self-promotion.

Anonymous said...

8:38, I promote you to the title of asshole.

Anonymous said...

Report from Naples:

Rump= I don't know what (if anything) he was drinking, but you haven't lived until you've seen DOM singing Karaoke - especially a duet of Crocodile Rock with a certain 11th Circuit Justice.

Anonymous said...

David- I wonder if you could treat this seriously and perhaps post something about this during the week?

At Naples, during the conference on pre-trial motions, the attorneys had one story after another about catching police officers (usually TNT City of Miami cops) in lies by subpoenaing tapes and using them during pre-trial motions.

What has made me very upset is the fact that Federal Judge Altonaga in one instance apparently was convinced by seeing a video tape that the officer lied. However, rather than insisting that something be done about it, it was reported that she kept trying to bargain a deal with the prosecution that they dismiss the charges before she field an order detailing the perjury she just witnessed!!!!!

How can this be? How can judges and prosecutors who get so morally indigent about the acts of our clients work to sweep under the rug the actions of police officers who get caught lying in court?

We all agree such actions of the officers strike at the heart of our system. And yet, the judge and the prosecutors work hard apparently to avoid any public record when an officer commits perjury and to hear the PD tell it, eventually they both make him feel lucky to have the charges dismissed. And of course they gave him a hard time for not revealing the videotape prior to the hearing so the prosecution can prep the cop before he lies.

What about the next 100 defendants this cop lies about where the attorney does not work so hard and gets a video to prove the cop was lying?

I am outraged and saddened that a Federal Judge and the US Attorneys Office doesn't only look the other way, but works hard at burying such acts of perjury.

As Dr. Martin Luther King sat in an Alabama Jail cell he wrote this: "This generation will have to seek redemption not just for the acts and words of bad people, but for the silence of good people."

Please David, start a discussion about this. It matters.

Anonymous said...

7:21: you have no clue what you are talking about. so why do you make such a fool of yourself?