Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Noah Gray, a student journalist at Miami Palmetto Senior High, contributed to this report."

It's all cat killer news right now. The Herald has a lengthy cover story about the case. How psyched is Noah Gray, a student who got billing for helping out with the article. Pretty cool.

No one really has any details about how they actually broke the case. It will be interesting to see how this plays out... (SDFLA tie: Circuit Judge Darryl Trawick -- who put his name in for U.S. Attorney -- signed the arrest warrant for 18-year old Tyler Weiman).

Not interested in news about gutting cats... well, Jose Padilla made some news -- he can proceed with his lawsuit against John Yoo. (Via TalkLeft).

Most of the defense lawyers weren't interested in news at all this weekend. They were at the beach. The CJA lawyers had their annual conference this weekend at the Naples Grande. Judge Rosemary Barkett was the keynote speaker, and she generally critiqued district judges who blindly follow the sentencing guidelines. She explained that lawyers need to do more to explain to the district judges why guideline sentences are in many cases greater than necessary to achieve the goals of sentencing; she also said district judges need to do a better job explaining why they are giving a particular sentence in a case.

Former guest-blogger Rick Bascuas wasn't there. He was probably working on his blog "The Bricks." If you haven't been reading it, you should. It's a lot of fun.

Or if you wanna get depressed about the legal market, check out this post about Cravath.

See you all tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

SCOTUS denied cert in the Cuban 5 case.

darksideoffilm said...

Accused Cat Killer photo and article. I hope to hear some conversation linking animal cruelty as a precursor to more serious crimes against humans.