Monday, June 29, 2009

They write letters

(Okay, so we stole the title from our brother blogger, South Florida Lawyer). While everyone is talking about Ricci and Madoff, the story that interests me is Justice Souter's last day on the bench. Here's the letter from the Chief Justice, signed by all of the Justices, wishing Souter well. And here's Souter's response, which starts "Your generous letter touched me more than I can say..." Lots of love!

The post below about Ma'am or Judge/Your Honor has gotten quite a bit of response. While we're on the topic of what works in court, Justice Scalia explains what peeves him here and here, including when lawyers say that a hypo is different than the facts of the actual case. Scalia: "I know it's not this case, you idiot."

On using italics: "If you’re constantly italicizing words, it sort of reads like a high school girl’s diary."

On using latin words: "Oh, God. It’s a Latin word that means connection. Say 'connection.’ You make it sound scientific."

And on being likable: "No judge likes to give a case to a mean-spirited person. I’ll do it if the law requires it."


Rumpole said...

On the basis of this post, and some very relevant 404(b) material I accuse YOU David O MarKus of having a "man crush" on Justice Scalia!!!

How do you plead?

Fake Serpico said...

F'em all.

Anonymous said...

Notice that the letter to Justice Souter was signed by "Sandra."

Also, I can only imagine Justice Thomas' face as he read the letter to Souter. LOL. Scalia probably wanted to puke too.