Friday, June 26, 2009

Time for the weekend

Before you leave for the weekend, you should know:

So Jeff Goldblum didn't die (neither did Harrison Ford).

UBS clients are starting to plead.

"Justice Antonin Scalia [is] the Confrontation Clause’s most devoted defender on the Court." (via ScotusBlog).


Ed Williams said...

Thank G-d. I liked Jeff, he was a really polite and sincere AUSA.

Anonymous said...

Denied, life in prison, that sucks!

Anonymous said...

HA!!!!!!!nice try to have a circuit judge and and FPD lie their asses off for a client and it still didn't work!

Anonymous said...

look at all the gutless soon to be disbarred federal prosecutors who coss our government $600,000 plus because of their criminality, commenting anonymously like cockroaches.

shame on you , you bald south boston sissy, and Pat you litle man chick.

if your going to get three pints off your sentence, you have to accept responsibility.

face it. you and your office lose more cases than any other CIRCUIT in the country.

boo hoo

Anonymous said...

PS, yes I am a defense lawyer, so yes, I am drunk and can't spell.

You still violated the law.

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Drunk defense attorney,have another one on me then go and get your CJA appointment and plea out your client. Loser!

Anonymous said...

Only somebody very ill or motivated by vengence would relish a person going to prison for life.

Anonymous said...

rupole without a doubt is phil rizenstein. i just tried to out him because he made reference to something i once discussed with him and tellingly he would not publish my email.

this is a smoking gun and he wouldnt let it be put on his blog

Anonymous said...

Sick of Brazil. Sick of mean prosecutors. Sick of soccer. When does football start? When will brazil get a football team so we can kick the shit out of them? And when will the us atty sd fla start to instill a little morality in his prosecutors? Remember sloman, all these jokers being aholes on this blog only make you look like an ass.

Anonymous said...

Phil Reizenstein's office is located at:

3191 Coral Way Ste 402
Miami, Florida 331453220

This is a likely point from which the photo posted by Rumpole on June 23, 2009 was taken.

If I were a betting man, I would bet that Rumpole is Reizenstein.