Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Judge list out

The applicants who will be interviewed for federal judge in the Southern District are: Jerald Bagley, Gerald B. Cope, Jr., Mary Barzee Flores, Darrin P. Gayles, Judith M. Korchin, Robert W. Lee, Peter R. Lopez, Patricia E. Lowry, Ana Maria Martinez, Caroline Heck Miller, Robin S. Rosenbaum, Robert N. Scola, Jr., Barry S. Seltzer, Patrick A. White, Kathleen M. Williams.
Hat tip: Eddie Dominguez




Who did not make the cut for US Atty:

Judge Reginald Corlew
Brian Miller
Sandra Wiseman
Marvelle McIntyre-Hall

And for Judge:

Judge Peter Adrien
Randee Golder
Robert Levinson
Judge Maria Ortiz
Emmanuel Perez
Tina Talarchyk

Cap Out .....

Rumpole said...

I didn't make either list. Damn.

Anonymous said...

So how many FIU law grads are being considered bro? We need more Hialeah in the courts bro- now that Alex Acosta is gone. COÑO BRO FIU!

Anonymous said...

Is anybody highering? Who needs an asistent for his or her awfiss?

Anonymous said...

who da "Heck" is Catherine Miller?

Hahhahahha I crack myself up.

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fake alex michaels said...

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RE: Judge and US ATtorney applications:

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valentina said...

Judge Gayles is AWESOME! He definitely has the experience and the temperament.

Anonymous said...

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