Monday, March 02, 2009

New Helio Photo Posted!

SFL here, reporting from inside Judge Graham's crowded courtroom with this exclusive photo of jury selection in the Helio Castroneves trial.

Ok ok, here's an actual story from The Indy Channel on what's going on:
"I wish I could be in a racecar, because I'm in control. Here, I'm not in control at all," Castroneves said. "I trust the people that are handling all of my business."Defense attorneys said they will try to show that an off-shore shell corporation involved in the case, Seven Promotions, was operated by Castroneves' father, not Helio.The trial is expected to last up to four weeks. Several luminaries are expected to testify at the trial, including Roger Penske, Jimmie Johnson and Rep. Jack Kemp.
Interesting, the bolded language -- that's what I always tell my clients when we are contemplating a trial vs. settlement (well, except for the race car bit).

And Jack Kemp? Man, this guy is bringing the firepower!


Anonymous said...

Vrom vrom!!!

Anonymous said...

see what's going on in Markus' trial - government admits to misconduct.

Anonymous said...

Man, this is some dirty government trickery. Will the agent or prosecutor be fired??? Its time a federal judge gets the cajones to do the right thing, send a message to all prosecutors and agents and dismiss. And then I woke up!

Anonymous said...

The SunSentinel has the motion and more about it.,0,1776705.story,0,3680676.acrobat

South Florida Lawyers said...

Thanks folks.