Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jury votes for death in Turnpike murder case

The Sun-Sentinel has the story here. It's the first time a jury has voted for the death penalty in this District since the feds authorized it back in 1988:

Two men who executed a family of four on Florida's Turnpike deserve to die for the murders of the two young children they shot, a jury decided with a 12-0 vote on Tuesday afternoon.The same jury that convicted Daniel Troya and Ricardo Sanchez Jr. earlier this month of killing Luis Escobedo, his wife Yessica Guerrero Escobedo, and their two sons Luis Julian, 4, and Luis Damian, 3, on Oct. 13, 2006 voted to impose the death penalty on both men – but only for the murders of the children. The two will receive life sentences for the murders of the two adults.The unanimous verdict marks the first time a federal defendant has been condemned to death in Florida since Congress reauthorized capital punishment in 1988. Since then, prosecutors unsuccessfully sought the death penalty at least three times in South Florida but failed to persuade jurors. A unanimous jury vote jurors is required to impose the death penalty in federal cases.

One of the defendants reacted to the verdict:

There was a scuffle in the courtroom after the jury was dismissed.Troya began making inaudible comments and would not stop talking after he was told to be quiet.He picked up a bottle of water and threw it. The bottle did not hit anyone but U.S. Marshals wrestled him to the ground and pulled him from the courtroom.Troya's family members, including his mother and sister, called out: "Daniel, no" and asked the federal agents not to hurt him.

This case will not end here obviously. The appellate process will take some time...


Anonymous said...

Are the defendants illegal aliens? If so, I guess they will suffer the ultimate "detainer" at the end of their sentence. Or will they be the subject of a Presidential commutation?

Anonymous said...

Sen. Stevens conviction overturned/dismissed? Is this the feds version of a April Fool's day gag?