Friday, March 13, 2009


You know who here, still...oh hail let's get right to John Pacenti's delicious write-up of the big man's big win:
“This verdict restored my faith in our justice system,” said David O. Markus, one of Shaygan’s attorneys. “It shows win-at-all costs takes a back seat to justice.”

Marc Seitles and Robin Kaplan also represented the doctor.

Seitles was hollering “not guilty” outside the courtroom after the verdict was read in front of U.S. District Court Judge Alan S. Gold.

U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta has said the secret taping of Markus and a defense investigator was wrong, and Cronin and Hoffman violated office policy. The matter has been referred to Justice Department’s Office of Professional Regulation for review.


Markus, [Robin Kaplan,] and Seitles said in court documents that Cronin threatened the case would take “a seismic shift” if Shaygan challenged a claim by a Drug Enforcement Administration agent that the doctor failed to invoke his right to counsel when questioned.

Prosecutors promptly filed 100 more counts after Shaygan filed the motion to suppress, which eventually was won by the defense.
Nice quote, David! I also like this exchange from the Sun-Sentinel:
Several jurors lingered outside the courtroom to congratulate Shaygan and his defense team.

"The jury did the right thing," said David O. Markus, Shaygan's lead attorney. "This sends a message that justice prevails."

But Shaygan said he is unsure he will return to practicing medicine.

"I know 100 percent that I want to continue helping people," he said. "That's the most important thing."
Helping people.....has a nice ring to it.


Anonymous said...

Great win, Markus, Seitles and Kaplan!! The U.S. Attorney's Office has been taking a lot of hits lately. Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

Thank God posting is back up. I was loosing it.

Anonymous said...

So you finally won one. Gong to put away that brochure for bar tending school now?

Next time I see you we'll have a chat on the justice system. You say you lost your faith in it and it was restored by this case? Weeeeeeelllll see about that.

Anonymous said...

Gooooo David! You R the MAN Daddy-o!!!!