Monday, March 09, 2009

"Much of Brickell Avenue Was Built With Drug Money."

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That great quote above is from Joe DeMaria, weighing in on the black market peso exchange and the government's case against Ben Kuehne:
Kuehne is represented by Miami attorney Jane Moscowitz of Moscowitz & Moscowitz and John Nields of Howrey in Washington. Kuehne has become a cause celebre among peers who see his prosecution as an attempt to chill legal representation for drug traffickers and other high-profile defendants. Kuehne’s clients included Vice President Al Gore in the 2000 presidential recount litigation.

Now his own attorneys are challenging the use of a key government expert, retired DEA agent Donald Semesky, who they say will testify that most of the dollars that Colombians get from the exchange are from narcotics trafficking. “Agent Semesky’s proffered testimony is woefully insufficient” and is intended to fill a gap in evidence, the Feb. 6 defense motion states.

Kuehne argues a federal bankruptcy court in New York recently rejected the government’s characterization of the exchange as utterly corrupt.

DeMaria said it’s disingenuous for prosecutors to denigrate the parallel money market.

“Much of Brickell Avenue was built with drug money. Does that mean you take down all those financial institutions?” he asked. “Sometimes the government has gone too far with the black market peso exchange.”
Take 'em down?

We're probably bailing them out.


Anonymous said...

I don't think DeMaria's quote helps...he should stick to civil.

Anonymous said...

This thread is unreadable, and who cares what some crooked car dealer thinks about the BMPE.

Anonymous said...

The chief export of Chuck Norris is pain.

Anonymous said...

Much of Brickell was built with drug money is the statement of someone ill informed. Prove it! I suppose many defense attorneys and former AUSAs have nice houses because of drug money too.

Government's BMPE "expert" should not be allowed to testify. His opinion are ridiculous.