Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Reviewing the Judges

By John R. Byrne

For a lawyer, serving as a federal law clerk can be one of the most rewarding (and valuable) experiences of his or her legal career. Every lawyer I've met who has clerked in this district has raved about their experience. But it's not always so rosy. A woman named Aliza Shatzman, who clerked in D.C. state court, ending up greatly regretting her clerkship, working for a judge who not only mistreated her but attempted to derail her legal career. She's now helped create a database that will allow clerks to anonymously rate their judges. The Washington Post covers it here. Will be interesting to see how widely used this will be, including in our district.


Anonymous said...

WaPo behind paywall. What is the website?

Anonymous said...

What 10:40 said

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:40 and 12:43, google is your friend.