Monday, April 08, 2024

Monday news and notes

 1.  The DBR covers the tragedy involving Judge Matthewman's son.

2.  The NYT wrote about Trump's lawyer, Todd Blanche.  I had him on the podcast here, if you'd like to actually hear from him.

3.  DOJ believes it doesn't need to comply with subpoenas.  Judge Ana Reyes had a different idea.  Via Politico.

4.  Some are calling on Justice Sotomayor to resign so Biden can appoint her successor and there is not another RBG situation.

5.  Reuters: Justice Breyer is going to hear cases on the 1st Circuit.


Anonymous said...

Are you a judge, a celebrity, a day time talk judge?

Giving interviews to share you opinions and then withdrawing from difficult questions is not consistent with being a judge. Hawking books, not consistent with being a judge.

Want to be a judge? Get off TV and be a judge.

I do like his voice though.

Anonymous said...

@129 - who in the world are you talking to/about?

Anonymous said...

As a father of a son in college I am beyond words to comprehend the tragedy that has befallen Bill Matthewman and his family.