Friday, September 17, 2021

Win for Governor DeSantis on Mask Mandates

By John R. Byrne

        This state has seen a flurry of recent litigation involving mask mandates, with numerous school districts resisting Governor DeSantis’s July 30 executive order barring schools from mandating that students wear masks at school.  Wednesday marked a victory for Governor DeSantis.  Judge Moore denied a request by parents of disabled children for a preliminary injunction that would have stopped DeSantis and others from enforcing the order.

        Judge Moore ruled that the parents failed to exhaust administrative remedies under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act before filing suit.  You can read the order here.  DeSantis has had mixed results in the state so far.  Leon County Circuit Judge John Cooper had previously issued a permanent injunction against the order.    

        On a non-legal note, rest in peace Norm Macdonald.  A comedian's comedian.  You can go through a YouTube rabbit hole with his stuff.  The moth joke is one of the best.


Anonymous said...

Desantis "wins" because the parents of disabled kids - and their school districts - can't decide what's best for them. Like we need the fat cats in Tallahassee protecting kids from their parents and their local districts.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome.

Anonymous said...

Which is more dangerous for kids: covid or the flu?

Think about it said...

Covid. Just ask all the kids who’ve lost a parent to it.

Anonymous said...

The demographics statistics don't support that argument.

The risk to most childresn, is in the 5 9s, under 50 parents (usual reproducing age) 99.9%.

It doesn't get serious until you cross 60.

Eating healthier and exercising outside will do more for you than masks or the jab, but it would be fascist to fat shame ppl.