Thursday, September 23, 2021

Breaking -- WPB Magistrate Judge short list

 Thanks to a great tipster, I know now that the 5 lawyers who made the short list for Magistrate Judge in West Palm Beach are:

-AUSA Brandy Galler

-AUSA Randy Katz

-Ryon McCabe, McCabe Rabin

-AFPD Penny Birch

-Patti Leonard, Shutts & Bowen

Congrats to the finalists.

Also, it turns out that I missed regular blogging more than I thought I would.  So I am going to take the reins back for a while.  I want to thank the guest bloggers for their amazing posts and the time that they spent on the blog.  They will hopefully still post, especially when I need some help.  But for now -- for better or worse -- you have me back for a while.  

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back.