Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Sentencing Commission releases "Compassionate Release Data Report"

It's a very interesting read.  For 2020 and the first half of 2021, there were over 20,000 compassionate release motions filed.  

Our district had the highest number of filed motions (879) and right behind us was the Middle District of Florida.

However, we fell below the nationwide grant rate.  Nationwide, about 17.5% of CR motions were granted.  In our district, it was only 15.4%.  

Come on, judges... we shouldn't be lower than the national average when our sentences are traditionally higher than the national average!

Just to give a sense, the SDNY is 4th in filed motions, but their grant rate is over 20%.

Maryland is 5th, and their grant rate is 34%.


Anonymous said...

very surprising

Anonymous said...

stop complaining - you could be in the Middle District

Anonymous said...

as if anybody down here has compassion

Rumpole said...

Middlebrooks was the best when he ordered the BOP to fashion a release for a defendant he just sentenced who had a lot of health issues and the BOP said no so the judge just granted release. I think his quote was something like “ I sentenced him to prison not to death “.

Anonymous said...

thirsty rump