Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Wednesday News & Notes

1.  Alleged pimp is now convicted pimp.  Via The Miami Herald.

2.  The 11th Circuit has a new webpage.

3.  Booey Bombing is legal.

4.  Maybe I'll pass on the mustard curry sauce next time.

5.  Barry Bonds is getting en banc review.

6.  SCOTUSBlog is confused with SCOTUS on Twitter.  Pretty funny responses by the blog.  On a serious note for the blog, the NY Times says it should get a press pass for the High Court.

7.  The NY Post has this art today in 2010 (thanks RK in the comments):

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Russell Koonin said...

Dave, the NY Post clip is from 2010 - not this year. Hopefully you are not a soccer hater. Even the NY Post has seen the light, noting that USA v. Belgium set a new World Cup ratings record for ESPN and also focused on Howard's heroic effort and the devastation the US fans felt. Time to get on the bandwagon!

David Oscar Markus said...

Thanks for pointing that out. The games were certainly fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

Guys, soccer is fun when it matters. that us once every 4 years when for a brief time the us team seems competitive. After that, it is still the same boring sport with mediocre athletes. Indeed, in the ranks of athletics, soccer players barely edge out baseball players and suffer a defeat at the hands of swimmers.

Anonymous said...

8:20 - ever tried playing any sport against a soccer player? They don't get tired and will beat you down to the end. That comment is insane. Soccer players run, jog and sprint for between 6 to 8 miles in a match. They are world class athletes.

Anonymous said...

right on, 8:20. Once every 4 years the ersatz soccer fans can buy their favorite team's jerseys and cheer at their favorite foreign bar for their favorite player and then wax philosophic, ever mindful of using the right words --= "match," "pitch," and "nil." Never seen a sport where when a player is touched he immediately falls to the ground, writhing in pain. These faux fans are the same ones who never miss an episode of Dancing With The Stars. Of course, to them it's DWTS.

Anonymous said...

I played soccer for many years before playing real sports....running around for 1.5 hours like a headless chicken having involuntarily leg seizures does not a sport make. Here are the true athletic power rankings:

Canadian Football
Rock Climbing
White Water Rafting
Skiing (water)
Skiing (snow)

Anonymous said...

More fans pack Sun Life stadium to watch a friendly (ie meaningless game) between two world class soccer teams than go to watch the Fins play the Patriots. Soccer will never pass football as a fan favorite in the U.S. but knocking soccer fans like 7:27 does is just lame and saying soccer players are mediocre athletes is just idiotic. Even Lebron takes time outs and has time on the bench. Soccer players have to play for a full 90 minutes, sometimes more, with no time outs (except halftime). Michael Bradley ran the equivalent of a marathon. Most of that at a full sprint.

Anonymous said...

Soccer is a decent club sport for frat boys, not athletes.

Anonymous said...

Soccer, baseball, curling = classic.

Rumpole said...

Roberto Clemente. Willie Mays. Bob Gibson. Jackie Robinson. Josh Gibson. Satchel Page. Tom Seaver. Steve Carlton. Derek Jeter. Nolan Ryan.

These baseball players were some of the greatest athletes of their time.

You try hitting a 98 mile an hour fastball. In fact, try throwing a ball over 60 mph. Run from first to third, slide, get up and dash for home- doubt you could make it to second without huffing and puffing.

Run down a line drive, make a diving catch, hop off the ground and throw the ball some 75 yards from right field to third base to nail the runner tagging up. That athletic feat involves speed, coordination in catching the ball, and athleticism in getting up and throwing the ball on target. Something some dumb 375 pound lineman who can't run 5 yards without losing his breath could never do.
Football players make take more punishment, but baseball players- to succeed- must have a larger skill set and are overall better athletes any day than any football player.

Anonymous said...

Bartolo Colon

Anonymous said...


The dude on TV that can stack and unstack cups quicker than a f'ing machine has just that - quick hands. I guess baseball players make up for their utter lack of personality with quick hands. That may be useful (1) on a baseball field and (2) in private, but they still (like the cup dude) are not athletes.