Monday, July 14, 2014

Homeless man who robbed bank was sentenced... 28 months in prison.

The 71-year old said he robbed the bank to get medical care in prison and 3 squares a day. From the Sun-Sentinel:

A 71-year-old homeless man who said he robbed a bank to get medical treatment and a jailhouse roof over his head was sentenced Friday to two years and four months in federal prison.

George Hernandez was a longtime customer at the SunTrust bank on Fort Lauderdale's North Ocean Drive until February, when he gave a teller a note claiming he had a gun and walked out with $4,980.

He left in a cab, gave $2,000 to a homeless family he had befriended and paid for his motel room and medication for his chronic lung disease, his lawyer told U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno.

Hernandez, who said he drank 12 beers a day, was arrested a few days after the robbery. He used a wheelchair and oxygen tube in court.

The judge said it was a sad case but Hernandez's age and medical problems were no excuse. He recommended Hernandez serve his time in a federal prison hospital.

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