Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cloture filed on Julie Carnes and Robin Rosenberg (UPDATED)

Last night Senator Reid filed cloture on Carnes (candidate for the 11th) and Rosenberg (candidate for the SDFLA).  Glenn Sugameli tells me that this means a final vote on these two judges is likely to occur early next week.  (Note that no cloture filed on Pryor or Boggs).

UPDATE -- The full Senate vote for Carnes will be Monday and then the District Judges on Tuesday.  Also my statement above re Boggs is a bit off.  He has not yet been voted  out of committee.

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Rumpole said...

Quoting, in a way, our fellow blogger at Hercules and the Umpire, cloture is when Senator Reid tells the Republicans in the Senate to STFU and vote.

You can trace the origins of STFU and Cloture to Thomas Jefferson doing the same thing to the Whigs. Or something like that.