Friday, July 11, 2014

Judge Kopf to continue blogging

His explanation is here:
After reading every comment I could get my hands on about whether I should continue to blog (including over 500 blog comments of all sorts, especially critical comments from law professors such as those found here and here, lots of e-mails going both ways but more than a few from experienced lawyers agreeing with my friend, contrasted with spirited support from prominent federal practitioners like that found here and here, together with encouragement from two Nebraska state trial judges and two federal district judges from other districts*) and after a sincere and thorough evaluation of my motivations in writing this blog, I have decided to continue.


I care deeply about federal judicial transparency, I don’t see much of that and if I quit there would be even less of it and none of it from federal district judges. The implicit assumption of the thoughtful lawyer who wrote me is that mystery and mythology are better for the legal profession and the judiciary than transparency, particularly when the transparency revealed is raw. I profoundly disagree.

On the contrary, that thinking has brought both the legal profession and the judiciary to the brink of disaster. In these polarized times, why should anyone trust us if we judges, particularly federal judges, are not utterly open to examining our motivations and mistakes before the public for whom we serve? Law is not politics, but that assertion now requires proof, not mere belief. ...

Our blog poll called this one.


Anonymous said...

What does Judge Kopf say about Lebron leaving for Cleveland?

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

he's a cool guy, wrong on some issues no doubt, brave to continue blogging, an intellectually honest man. refreshing to see him continue, even if it is in vain.

Anonymous said...

Spurs chased Lebron out of Cleveland to Miami....Spurs chased Lebron out of Miami back to Cleveland...GO FIGURE!!

Anonymous said...

This confirms that some egos cannot be fed adequately by a lifetime appointment by itself.

Yawn...interesting reading at least.

Richard Kopf (RGK) said...


I was born in Toledo, and I grew up in NW Ohio for a part of my childhood. What do I say about Lebron leaving for Cleveland? You have got to be kidding.

I truly love Miami. I spent part of my growing up years in the '50s on the other side of Florida in a magical place called Pass-a-Grille. I connected with my absent grandfather on my mother's side in Miami. I had never met him before. I will never forget that experience.

All of that said, Lebron 's heart is in Cleveland, and I'm glad he followed it.

All the best.