Thursday, August 30, 2012

BREAKING -- William Thomas being vetted for Federal Judgeship

That's been the talk of the town for the past few weeks, but now FBI agents and ABA officials are doing their background on Judge Thomas and the secret is out.

This is fantastic news -- Will Thomas is a great judge and person.  He enjoys a very strong reputation as a trial judge in state court where he has handled both criminal and civil cases.  He also has a federal background having worked at the Federal Public Defender's Office.

Judge Thomas is known as a hard worker, sometimes trying cases late into the night.  And he is known as fair, calling cases right down the middle.  Both sides respect him and he'll make a great federal judge.

Now the only question is timing.  With the election around the corner, will Judge Thomas be nominated and confirmed before the end of the year?  I really hope so.


Anonymous said...

don't hold your breath. but the prez will most likely be reelected, which means judge thomas will be federal judge thomas next year.

Anonymous said...

prez obama will lose this election. u heard it here first

Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more. saw him in action when he was in Civil...he's amazing to watch. Congratulations Judge Thomas. Well deserved.