Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Morning

Nothing much new to report....

The Heat looked pretty good yesterday, even after Bosh got hurt.  Indiana is pesky but shouldn't be a problem.

Rumpole covered the FACDL banquet.  It was a very nice event at the Biltmore.  Judge Gold was honored as was Judge Hubbart.  Roy Black did a nice job introducing Hubbart and explained what it was like to be a PD before he took over (i.e., no jury trials and only part-time PDs).

Barack Obama may be the first president in 30 years to have more judicial vacancies at the end of his first term than when he started.

The John Edwards trial is still going.  Will Rielle take the stand?

Anyone in trial down here?


Anonymous said...

Heat looked good? Maybe in the last 5 minutes. Pacers can take 2 games I think.

Rumpole said...

You forgot to mention that the 4th amendment died in NYC.
Hubbart deserved all the accolades and more.

Anonymous said...

Also today, lawyers debated whether to allow into the record a Federal Election Commission ruling that exempted Edwards' campaign from reporting the hush money as a campaign contribution.

After reviewing the campaign's finances for four years, the FEC determined last month that money Edwards' aides collected from wealthy donors Rachel "Bunny" Mellon and Fred Baron were "not campaign contribution[s]," Lora Haggard, Edwards' 2008 chief financial officer, said today.

Much of Haggard's testimony took place while the jury was outside the courtroom as federal Judge Catherine C. Eagles determined if her testimony would be admissible.

While the FEC may have one idea about the legality of the contributions, the prosecution clearly has another.

"What the FEC ruled is not relevant," said prosecutor Jeffrey Tsai. "Whatever the FEC determined is not relevant to the criminal charges."

Anonymous said...

Jeff Tsai! He has to be the best dressed man in the state!

Anonymous said...

You must be crazy. The Heat will possibly win one more game in this series, but it is all over. Indiana is clearly the better team. It should work to the Heat's advantage that Cristine Bosh is not going to be in the line-up for the remainder of the series, but ultimately the Heat will prove to be just too soft to bang with the big boys. Next year, a totally revamped team.

Anonymous said...

Great day in sports yesterday

Crying Garnett went down as well as the thugs in L.A.