Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Americans for Immigrant Justice expanding to DC

They used to be called FIAC -- Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center.  From the new and improved website:
AI Justice was founded in 1996 as the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center when federal funding restrictions prevented Legal Services Corporation (LSC) agencies from representing most immigrants, unless they already had legal status.  The organization was cofounded by its current executive director, Cheryl Little, Esq., along with two Catholic nuns, Sr. Maureen Kelleher RSHM and Sr. Catherine Cassidy HM.  In its first year of operation, the staff inherited over 3,000 cases that LSC agencies in Florida were no longer allowed to handle.
Since its inception, AI Justice has represented immigrants from all over the world.  Beginning with ten employees and a $400,000 budget, it has grown to a staff of 38 and a $3.5 million budget.  Since 1996, its lawyers have closed over 80,000 cases, and AI Justice has become a national trendsetter in the immigration field.
 Holly Skolnick is the current President and one of the leaders, helping to expand the group to DC (where she started as a public defender).  She's a good choice as she has a long history with public service (President of the Greenberg Fellowship Foundation and a member of UM's Center for Ethics and Public Service).


Anonymous said...

Finally Yuby is free. Great job DOM.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the huge win in freeing your client. David O. Markus, you are a great example to the criminal defense lawyers in Miami and beyond.


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Who cares about AI Justice?? Nobody.