Wednesday, May 23, 2012

College Student to Plead Guilty for Obama Facebook Threats

Hi folks, SFL here.

My knowledge of crim law is limited to booking crim pro in law school about forty thousand years ago, plus sitting through multiple plea hearings as the lawyers wait to finally get in front of a federal judge on one of our civil matters.

Speaking of plea hearings, this kid is set to plea out on his cute Facebook musings which evidently involved our President:
A Miami college student plans to plead guilty in federal court to threatening President Barack Obama on Facebook.
A plea hearing is set for Wednesday afternoon for 20-year-old Joaquin Amador Serrapio Jr.
His attorney says he intends to plead guilty to one count of threatening to kill or harm the president.
Federal prosecutors say Serrapio posted threats on Facebook in February when Obama was in Miami to give a speech.
The posts threatened to put a bullet in the president's head and asked if anyone wanted to help in a presidential assassination.
Oh, the kids today and their social media -- why don't they want to go outside and throw the football around anymore?

(You can read the probable cause affidavit here.)

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