Thursday, July 08, 2010

Pure Gold -- Uncle Luke's column in the New Times

In case you've missed it, Luther Campbell -- an original Miamian -- has been writing a column for the Miami New Times.  His last two are worth mentioning: 1.  "Elena Kagan helped 2 Live Crew and blacks so confirm her already" and 2. "Al Gore can get freaky now that Tipper's gone".

From the former, which references a case from the SDFLA:

In 1989, Broward County Sheriff Nick Navarro banned the sale of our album, As Nasty as They Wanna Be, and a federal judge backed him. We appealed. The next year, Kagan, who was working at a Washington, D.C. law firm, wrote a brief that argued the album "does not physically excite anyone who hears it, much less arouse a shameful and morbid sexual response." In other words, my homegirl Kagan was saying people could not be aroused by the lyrics "'cause my dick's on bone" or "me so horny, me fuck you long time." She realized these words did not meet the standard of appealing to prurient interests. She did a great job fighting on 2 Live Crew's behalf, which lets you know that Kagan is not easily swayed by public opinion or by politicians with their own hidden agendas.

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Rumpole said...

OMG this is making me ill. Please fix this blog. The colours on the borders are right out of a federal penitentiary. It's nauseating. And hard to read.