Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Back to work...

...on a soggy Tuesday.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Some quick hits to start your week:

1. Rumpole is talking about the new drivers license cases.

2. SFL doesn't like the Herald's Kindle edition. But he does like the Kindle, as do I. I use it more for books than newspapers. My wife has the Ipad and as I'll take the Kindle for reading a book any day.

3. The Supreme Court is hearing lots of ineffective assistance of counsel claims. Martha Coyle has an interesting piece on the "revolution" that has started on these cases.

4. Teachers are protected from bottle rocket injuries to students.

5. Tony Mauro is discussing all the summary dispositions at the High Court this Term.

6. And for those keeping score (on a nice chart), David Frederick argued the most cases before the Supremes this Term.

I will check back soon with more.


Rumpole said...

The NY Times on Kindle is just fine. The NY Times of the Ipad leaves a lot to be desired. The biggest problem with the IPAD as a reader is that it is too heavy. The kindle does one thing and does it great. The Ipad does 50 things really well. I do admit that when I travel I just take the IPAD, and Amazon has a nice app where you can put your books on both and they will update each other as to the last page read.

Nothing, and I repeat- nothing beats a nicely ironed Sunday London Times with tea.

Anonymous said...

What, No Wade Talk??!!

I hope Wade comes back to the heat, but if he takes less money to live in the city where his kids are now settled and where his sister and mom also live, I can't hate him for that.