Friday, October 09, 2009

FBI raids Lewis Freeman's office

John Pacenti breaks the story here. It may be over parking:

The FBI executed search warrants at the offices of high-profile accountant and attorney Lewis Freeman, who frequently is picked by judges as a court-appointed receiver or trustee for troubled companies in South Florida, sources said. Freeman and the FBI weren’t talking Thursday when asked about the warrants, which sources said were executed late last week. Legal community sources said the Miami and Plantation offices of Lewis B. Freeman & Partners were searched by the FBI. The search warrants are the latest incarnation of Freeman’s troubles with the U.S. government. Freeman sued the Internal Revenue Service in August over $4.5 million civil assessment against him for allegedly promoting a parking deduction plan that the agency called an abusive tax shelter, according to court documents. The FBI’s presence, however, indicates a criminal investigation may be under way, observers said. “When the IRS assesses someone a penalty, it’s not normal to raid an office,” said Fort Lauderdale tax litigator Martin Press, a partner with Gunster. The IRS typically uses the Treasury Department to execute its search warrants. The FBI is part of the Justice Department. The dapper Freeman is considered an expert on receiverships and speaks nationally on the topic. Information about the warrants remains sealed because criminal charges have not been filed against Freeman, a source said.

In Middle District news, Judge Gregory Presmell had this to say about the lawsuit to allow Segways in the Magic Kingdom: "Although some individuals may, with good reason, not want to use those [wheelchairs and scooters] and instead prefer to use a Seqway, that preference -- standing alone -- is not essential to accessing Disney's parks." Ahhh, judicial humor... standing alone... Presnell is the judge who has ordered litigants to play rock-paper-scissors to settle disputes and recently red-lined a lawyer's pleading.


Anonymous said...

Better call the Q

Anonymous said...

A position for an Immigration Judge was just announced.

Any news on the District Court vacancy? How about on who will be the new District Attorney?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Freeman hire Markus?

Anonymous said...

He should...the government will end up paying his legal fees.

Anonymous said...

Will the government go back twenty years ago to investigate how long has Mr. Freeman been helping himself to the ~ escrow~ accounts.

It appears that in many cases if not in all the cases he had ~ Carte Blanche~.

Has he ever followed the money trail in the cases he acted as receiver?

It appears that the court put the wolf in charge of the chicken house.