Sunday, October 04, 2009

Miami is BACK

And it's not just the Hurricanes.

We've got all kinds of big fraud and corruption cases on the front page of the Herald this Sunday morning. There's Alan Mendelsohn's story, there's the advice given to Allen Stanford by Greenberg Traurig, and there's the investigation into prominent lobbyist Neil Sterling.
Ahhh yes, Miami is back.


Fake Uncle Luke said...

Did I miss something? Didn't Miami just squeek by, at home, a team that was missing it's starting quarteback? "The U" isn't back, but the talkers are.

Anonymous said...

'Canes are for real, but so are the Rattlers!

The U better watch out for a let down game this Saturday. And of course halftime will be dominated by the marching 100.

Strike, strike and strike again !!!