Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day edition

What a strange day -- courts are closed, but schools are open. It only took 10 minutes to get downtown on US1... Apparently, the DBR didn't take the day off. All kinds of fun stuff today, including Vanessa Blum's story on billing rates and her awesome video report:

There's also a story securities cases, which SFL likes because of the new Scott Dimond photo.

And John Pacenti dials in on UBS account holders seeking amnesty.

Jay Weaver at the Herald was busy this weekend on Alan Mendelsohn and Helio Castroneves.

Canes are #9... Dolphins will beat the Jets tonight. And the blog fantasy team racked up a win. And that's your Columbus day edition.


Male Bondage said...

I hate waiver order. Congrats on the win DOM.

Anonymous said...

$735 an hour for counsel to a receiver? When are the district judges going to put a stop to this? Completely absurd.

Anonymous said...

More importantly, how do the district judges determine who they are going to make rich? Is the process open or behind the scenes?

Seems our system of justice is based on openness, and the judges agree, so long as the spotlight is not on them (why still no cameras in the district courts?).

South Florida Lawyers said...

A huge win -- congrats.

David Oscar Markus said...



Waiver order is good, and it should apply to picking up all players, not just players who have been dropped. The way it is now is a free-for-all, which isn't fun. (You just don't like it because your team has been doing well!)

The point system in the blog league is terrible. Way too confusing and difficult to follow.

Anyway, Go FINS.