Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tweet Tweet

John Pacenti has a piece in the DBR today about lawyers tweeting. As far as I can tell, lawyers and Twitter have not been a successful pairing so far because most lawyers are trying to damn hard to use it for marketing instead of for fun. Following most lawyers on Twitter is deathly boring -- it's much more fun to follow Chad Ochocinco.

The article quotes a bunch of lawyers, but doesn't have Brian Tannebaum, probably the most prolific tweeter, who just tweeted his vacation. Brian has been writing a bunch on the problems with lawyers trying to use Twitter (here's his most recent post). I think Brian is a tad too critical of lawyers who try to market themselves on Twitter. I don't think there is any danger to it... I think like anything else: people who aren't good at what they do aren't going to get business, no matter how much they tweet.

Back to Pacenti. Here's his list of do's and don't for tweeters:

DO understand professional demographics. Tax lawyers seek out accountants; criminal attorneys follow expert witnesses and jury experts.
DON’T follow more than 100 people than are following you.
DO get yourself placed on a list of lawyers to follow on Twitter.
DON’T use Twitter as a marketing tool.
DON’T try to solicit business or make sales.
DO use applications like Tweetdeck to filter topics, create groups and maximize efficiency.
DON’T tweet more than 10 times a day or more than five times an hour.
DO publicize speaking events, tconferences and blog items.
DON’T tweet anything that can’t be quoted in the news.

My feeling is that if you have to read a list of DOs and DON'Ts for something like Twitter, it probably isn't for you. As for me, I still have my Twitter page, so come follow me.


Anonymous said...

It's Ocho Cinco not Ochocinco.

Anonymous said...

Give David credit for even knowing it is no longer Johnson. Have you see his fantasy team?

South Florida Lawyers said...

I have; it's not where you start, but where you finish!

Miguel M. de la O said...

David, ignore those who trash talk without playing. Besides, anyone with AP on their team will always be in the hunt.

Unfair Competition said...

To the anonymous poster (9:45): It is in fact "Ochocinco," and not "Ocho Cinco" as you claim. Check your information.

Anonymous said...

NO, It Is "Ocho Cinco" check YOUR information.

Anonymous said...

From the NFL website:

Chad Ochocinco | #85 | WR

Cincinnati Bengals | Official Team Site

Height: 6-1 Weight: 192 Age: 31

Born: 1/9/1978 Los Angeles , CA

College: Oregon State

Experience: 9th season

High School: Miami Beach HS [FL]

Anonymous said...

From Ocho Cinco's twitter page:

"Name: Chad Ocho Cinco"

But then what does he know, it's only his own name

Anonymous said...

Some truth to both sides, but legally, it's Ochocinco. From Wikipedia:

He legally changed his surname from Johnson to Ochocinco prior to the 2008 regular season to reflect his Bengals uniform number. While he references his last name as two words "Ocho Cinco", his legal last name is condensed into one word, as spelled on his name change application.