Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy weekend my peeps

Just saw that the blog made the WSJ blog this week. Pretty cool.

Hopefully the blog football team will have a better performance. We have the same record as the Dolphins right now... (But in my real league, I'm doing well. Does that count here?)

Have a good weekend everyone.

UPDATE -- hat tip to SFLawyer on this story from the Palm Beach Post re the non-prosecution agreement of Jeffrey Epstein. Apparently, for doign 18 months in state court and agreeing to pay for the victims' lawyers, he avoided federal prosecution. The article and the agreement are definitely worth a read.


South Florida Lawyers said...

Congrats on everything except your fantasy team.

Anonymous said...

Black politicians under indictment

Rich white guy not prosecuted

Anonymous said...

they didnt go after the lawyers who represented prada and he went to trial twice..